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Strong spirit to explore something new

The Most Desirable and Durable Bags Company

// Red is courage to explore something new.
// The P is Palazzo trademark logo.
// The shield mean protection.
// Palazzo means the spirit to explore something new.


PALAZZO is founded in 2004. When first starts its business in Indonesia, PALAZZO see something missing in a largely routine and uniform market. Our team firstly defines BLACK as the new bags’ lifestyle, which describes masculine, cool and functionate.


PALAZZO is one of Indonesia’s leading lifestyle bags manufacturing; it sells backpack, laptop bags, travel pouch, hiking bags and traveling bags. With remarkably ten years in 2014, we try to fulfill our consumer demand by a million bags a year.


With the objective of being “The Most Desirable and Durable Bags Company” , PALAZZO team’s strategy is to invest in Technology. PALAZZO does the thinking for you, so your necessities can be effortlessly organized and carried with you.